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What happened to Patriotism?


I want to note that Josh Hawley recently said one of the stupidest things I have ever heard anybody say. “I am not interested in history, because it is in the past.” The past is often prologue to the present and future. What is happening in our country right now is evidence of that.
Right on cue, the Republican party is suddenly concerned about deficits. History shows us that the Republican Party is only concerned about deficits when they are not in power. I suggest that anybody concerned about deficits, and the resultant national debt do a web search, “The True Cost of 40 years of Republican Tax Cuts.”
President Biden’s American Recovery Plan is predictably being criticized for its cost. This Act will benefit about 85 percent of the American people, and reduce childhood poverty by about 50 percent. This country currently ranks 34th out of 36 countries tracked by the United Nations, certainly not something to be proud of. The Republican party has no difficulty giving away trillions in what I angrily call billionaire welfare. COVID relief alone has benefitted the billionaires by about $1 trillion, which works out to about $12,00.00 for every working family in the US.
This plan has about a 75 percent approval rating, to include a majority of Republicans. And the poorer they are, the larger the percentage favoring it. Not one Congressional Republican voted in favor of this.
In a true functioning democracy, the opinions of the poorest person should be just as important as the opinion of the wealthiest person.
Jan. 6, 2021 should go down in history books as another “Day that will live in infamy.” We were attacked, from our highest elected officials, and yes that includes Donald Trump. We should never forget to ask why it took our government 3 hours 19 minutes to respond. The senior officials making the decisions were all Trump appointees, that being done in December, 2020. Ex-President Trump was watching it on television in the White House. What happened to the rule of law, and patriotism?
The entire sordid incident should rank up with 07/12/1941 and 9/11/2001 as direct attacks on the very seat of our government, and reminds me of The Night of the Long Knives in 1934 in Germany. We had individuals proudly waving the Confederate flag and displaying Nazi slogans on their shirts. As a proud 10-year veteran, it greatly pains me to say that some members of our military were also present. There are over 400 people identified as being investigated, if not arrested, and more will follow. Perhaps the worst news for Donald Trump is that Merrick Garland has pledged that getting to the bottom of this will be his first priority. It will literally take years to fully get to the bottom of this. And our history will forever be stained.

Frank J. Thomeczek


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