‘A republic if you can keep it’


Benjamin Franklin said in his concluding speech before the Constitutional Convention, “…when you assemble a number of men to have the advantage of joint wisdom, you inevitably assemble with those men, all their prejudices, their passions, their errors of opinion, their local interest, and their selfish views.”

Franklin says it will never be foolproof, but the Constitution represents the framework to strive for perfection.

His reservations can be summed up in a response to citizens proposing the question, “What type of government had been created?”

“A republic, if you can keep it,” was Franklin’s response.

This statement places the onus on the citizen to keep the republic or acquiesce into tyranny. Two hundred and forty-three years old and it looks like we have reached our shelf life.

Two thousand nineteen seems to represent the rise of the Roman circuses culminating with the House Impeachment Hearings. Did President Trump interfere…obstruct…Russia…Ukraine…Biden.

I, like those in Congress, admit to not knowing what the charges they are investigating are. The first day of the public hearings did sound a lot like a playground rumor, “Bobby told Suzy that he heard from Johnny that Joe had his hand in the cookie jar.”

This does not give much hope in the process to the average citizen and reveals the ostentation for what it is…a battle in the war between Republicans and Democrats. Party lines have been rendered all the information conveyed sounds more like war propaganda than campaign speeches.

The propaganda has been weaponized into divisive and seditious messages for the bases; which have drawn nearer and nearer to their respective fringes.

“We the People” has long been replaced by “We the Corporations” as corporations gain more rights reserved for citizens. Citizens acquiesce to infringement of more rights, out of fear and the proffered sense of safety. In the present climate, it appears the Republic is crumbling, and a democratic tyranny is rising in its place.

A democratic tyranny offers the sense of safety and security of a monarchy or dictatorship; while providing a distorted sense of freedom and choice through the election of representatives.

The ebb and flow of the election cycle solidify this illusion of freedom. Most times between the Democrats and Republicans with a sprinkling of third-party candidates to satisfy the plebs.

President Trump is right to state there is a coup going on, however, his aim is missed placed and he ignores his complicities. This coup is not against the President, but, against the United States Constitution.

Republicans, Democrats, and even President Trump are complicit in the coup. Either my fellow citizens have acquiesced or have unknowingly become a part of this war between the parties.

Warring factions bolstering their numbers and strengthening their messages to the fringes as they wage political warfare. In most wars, there are correspondents on the ground reporting on the impacts of collateral damage. In this war, those voices are silent — instead — choosing in their view a winner, loser, or the lesser of two evils.

What is the collateral damage from the war fought on the battlefields in D.C. and cities across the nation? The Constitution has been torn asunder, rights and liberties are curtailed due to fear, the American Citizen has lost their voice unless they choose a side.

Our founder’s nightmare is turning to reality as the government grows more powerful and the rights of her citizens are further diminished. Where have the patriots gone?


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