A response from ‘old man’ Clyde himself


O’ Doubtful Ginny…so glad to see that you read, have an opinion and express it.

Now, kindly point out just where I am not factual…and then, on with Senile Joe. I left out some of his backers, like Nasty-Nancy — that lead dog in a pack of mutts who have proven non-essential since they have not shown up for work in about a month. Nurse Ratchet-Wretched Hillary, that “what difference does it make” lying witch.

She and Obama lacked the guts to kill the Benghazi Ambassador themselves but would do nothing to help him and others when under attack.

There’s Blow Hard Bloomberg -— whose billions can’t buy votes or respect. Then George Soros — a Hungarian born Jew, who hates Jews; has made billions at everyone else’s expense, and tries hard to ruin this and any other reasonably free country where individuals have rights. While all of the above despise our Constitution, and really hate the Bill of Rights, when that last one goes underground permanently I will celebrate.

Mueller knew there was nothing about two months in but said nothing to influence the 2018 election.

Comey is so corrupt the maggots will gag.

China released the virus on the world on purpose without any regard for who or how many died. All trying to derail the Trump Train and they will succeed only at promoting Made Anywhere But in China.


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