An open letter to the Gasconade County Commission



It has been reported, and widely disseminated, that the Gasconade County Commission rejects the issuance of a “Stay at Home” order. The notion that our county is rural and thus represents a lower risk for transmission of Covid-19 is a failed hypothesis. To follow that line of reasoning falls way short of the medical expertise and emergency management protocols in place elsewhere.

Fortunately, the Gasconade County Health Department showed leadership that, if heeded, will result in lives saved. Perhaps our county government structure doesn’t allow the Commission to issue such an order, but, you do have a responsibility to protect the citizens by supporting a wholly justified action. Instead, your position creates confusion and an avenue for non-compliance.

It is becoming increasingly clear lost tax revenues are the driving force behind the Commission’s stance. We are no different from other communities where income streams have been severely interrupted and difficult decisions are necessary. The hardest choices leadership faces are the one’s where people lives are impacted, but for the greater good.

Our elected leaders at the national level just enacted stimulus packages that will trickle down to the county level, and beyond. My recommendation is those qualified county employees who have are at home get busy learning how to write grant applications, pronto.

Gentlemen, it is easy to sit back and criticize without offering solutions. My track record in our county has been one of volunteerism, participation and willingness to serve. We have agreed on some things and disagreed at times. This is no time to engage in petty squabbles, for to do so will only further distance ourselves from affirmative action.

I ask that all three of the Gasconade County Commissioners support a “Stay at Home” order for the common good.


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