Clarification will be required


To the Editor:

While many label his business and political dealings as shady and underhanded, if not downright criminal, Donald J. Trump has proven quite adroit at staying one step ahead of prosecution. The media sees this streak nearing its end, but I wouldn’t label the man a felon just yet.

His legal team may be severely overburdened, but they are also adept. They just may pull a rabbit out of the courtroom hat and outwit the prosecution to the extent that the jury finds the accused to be Not Guilty. Should this happen, some may take to calling Mr. Trump, “the Teflon Don.” Because another New York City resident wore that sobriquet for years, bringing it back to life will require those using it to clarify exactly to who they are referring. Is it John Gotti, former boss of the Gambino crime family, or is it our beloved 45th POTUS?

Who says life in America isn’t grand?

Patrick J. Leslie