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Communist China


The government of China was toppled by Communists in 1949 under the leadership of Mao Zedong. Since that time the Communists have killed many millions of people. There is absolutely no doubt about that. The only question is whether we’re talking more or less than 100 million.
There is another question that should be asked and answered. Did Mao kill more than Hitler and Stalin combined? He may well have. That we’re even asking the question is amazing.
Let’s go back for a minute to 1994. On July 17 of that year The Washington Post ran a story in which the authors made a good case for the proposition that Mao was responsible for the deaths of between 40 and 80 million of his own citizens – or possibly even more. The headline of the story: “How Many Died? New Evidence Suggests Far Higher Numbers For The Victims Of Mao Zedong’s Era.”
I strongly urge you to read the story about Mao. The media routinely bash Hitler and occasionally criticize Stalin, but Mao and the Chinese Communists are by comparison given a pass.
The treatment accorded Mao and the Chinese Communists was apparent 27 years ago to the authors of the Mao story. The authors explained their new, higher death totals came from a former Chinese Communist official who had recently gone to work at Princeton. They went on to state: “In the early years under Mao, many Western scholars were so enamored with Mao that they refused to believe such widespread atrocities could have been carried out by the Chinese Communists.”
Western scholars, Democrats, their media accomplices, Big Tech supporters, Hollywood types, many professional athletes, radicals and druggies are still enamored with Chinese Communists, so much so they refuse to recognize that in the 72 years since the Communists have taken control of China, the leaders of that nation are still demons. Many of our leading citizens have in effect become Communist sympathizers, if not outright Communists.
Fast forward 27 years from that story about Mao to Monday of this week, when The Epoch Times — a newspaper the Communists mentioned in the above paragraph are trying to eliminate — is carrying a story in which the author describes gang rape, sexual abuse, torture, electrical shock to the genitals and other forms of brutality being used at this very moment by Chinese Communists to terrorize its citizens.
Here’s the headline you should look for if you want to read the story, and you should want to read the story: “Mass Rape, Sexual Abuse: Communist China’s Genocidal Tool to Eliminate Faith.”
Lest you forget, the Joe Biden family has recently taken more than $1.5 billion in bribes from this same Communist Party.
There is one more recent news item I would like to point out to you. On Sunday of this week, a group described as “pro-life evangelicals” issued an open letter to President Biden in which it was stated:
“The Biden team wanted to talk to us during the campaign to gain our support, and we gave it on the condition there would be active dialogue and common ground solutions on the issue of abortion.
“There has been no dialogue since the campaign.”
What don’t these folks understand about 63 million aborted babies in America, 100 million dead Chinese, torture of people of faith in China on a mass scale at this very moment and $1.5 billion in bribe money from the Communist Chinese to Joe Biden?


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