Democrats history of corruption


Dear Editor,

Judicial Watch started by Tom Fitton investigates legal and judicial activities where corruption exist and fights for accountability, integrity in law, politics and government.  Their highly ethical team has been responsible for removing millions of dead and moved people from states voter rolls. A recent investigation should be alarming to any taxpayer.

Shortly after the world learned of the massacre of innocent Israeli civilians on October 7, Hillary Clinton said she supported Israel and anyone affected by Hamas’ horrific attacks. However, Hillary said nothing about Hamas’ key ally, the energy rich kingdom of Qatar. Surprisingly, Qatar funneled tens of millions in hidden foreign cash payments to Clinton Inc., while Hillary was Secretary of State! Slipping money into the hands of slippery politicians is a time-honored tradition in the Middle East.

The Qatar-Clinton money trail begins around 2008, when the Clinton Foundation (C.F.) published a list of donors, among them Qatar contributing $1 to $5 million. A spokesman for C.F. later acknowledged Qatar had sent the Clintons money since 2002. With the 2014 publication of Judicial Watch’s investigative report, Bill had earned upward of $48 million in speaking fees, even in Arab countries while Hillary was presiding over US foreign policy. An email revealed the Clintons never reported a $1 million Qatar gift in 2011 violating State Dept. disclosure agreements.

Clinton’s conflict of interest was further revealed, when they invited 200 foreign leaders to include the Qatar emir, the prime minister & minister of foreign affairs to the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative. According to J.W., Qatar has given $1 billion to American universities since 2011 promoting anti-Semitic, anti-Israel propaganda! Putting hatred in the minds of Americans.

Not only did the Taliban get $90 billion of advance American weapons Biden left in Afghanistan, but have established fraudulent NGO’s—non-governmental organizations and are looting hundreds of millions of US taxpayer dollars in humanitarian aid that was to be used for healthcare, education, women’s rights and economic development. Prior to Biden’s failed withdrawal the US invested $1.3 BILLION on Afghan education. Since the terrorists returned to power in August 2021, the US has sent the Taliban $185.2 million for education, even though they limit access for women.

In fiscal year 2023---ending in Sept. the US sent the Taliban $566 million! ($15 million was sent to an unknow cause).

The United States Institute of Peace concluded that foreign funded assistance is unlikely to prove effective as leverage to shape the Taliban government’s behavior, yet our tax dollars are still pouring in and probably why Biden wants to raise $5 trillion in taxes and hire 87000 more IRS agents to attack & penalize Americans while helping the enemy! It’s insanity!

Charlotte Schnieders      

Jefferson City