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Dispelling Lies


Those so indoctrinated by the NY Times, mainstream and social media outlets are gambling Americans’ freedoms & safety on lies! The history Hawley dispels, are the lies of the 1619 Project, White Fragility and the cancel culture that claims America and past leaders are evil and racist. Hawley wants to protect citizens from “New World Order Democrats” wanting total control over American lives.
It’s complete insanity to say Biden’s Plan will benefit Americans! Border agents capture 1 in 4 illegal crossings and over 110,000 entered in February, meaning 440,000 probably entered and that’s only the Southern border. Over 15,000 children are here, 565 enter daily, 10% are virus infected, 4000 are housed in facilities designed for 250 and aren’t virus tested until departure, thus spreading the virus. Illegals’ poverty will be reduced by burdening Americans with housing, clothing, food, welfare, healthcare cost, education at $14000 per year, per student—disrupting & over-crowding classrooms with non-English speaking illegals, so no one learns---think of those cost! Our military’s new mission is baby-sitting illegals not training to defend America. China partnered with Central America to infuse drugs into the US and billionaire drug cartels make millions daily in human and sex trafficking. Soros & Gates make twenty times their investment on vaccines!
“NO REPUBLICANS” voted for the $1.9 trillion bill because only 9% went for virus and one trillion remained unspent from a previous bill. Democrats bailed out under-funded pension plans, gave teachers’ unions billions for keeping schools closed, funded worldwide abortions, the arts, & money for “black farmers” to keep racial divide. Democrats next want $3 trillion for infrastructure, but it’s for the New Green Deal. Multiple new and raised existing taxes will send corporations overseas and devalue the dollar.
The Democrat party established sanctuary cities, bailed out Antifa and BLM protestors that burned & looted businesses, are defunding police & eliminating ICE agents---your safety be damned! Their federal takeover of voting will have no voter ID, prisoners, 16 yr. old, illegals & approximately 25 million DACA voting, taxpayer funded elections, no purging of voter rolls, mail-in balloting and same day registration and fraudulent voting.
Epoch Times reported the FBI intercepted emails and knew of anti-government groups prior to January 6th. Trump offered 5000 troops that were denied. Videos show busses of Antifa protestors in Trump clothing, carrying Confederate flags and ushered in by capitol police, while Trump was still speaking. Democrats called it an “armed insurrection”, but only capitol police were armed and one killed Ashli Babbitt. The other four deaths were medical. The policeman had a blood clot and died of a stroke! Any GOP person inside faces long prison sentences with our dishonest government and press.

Charlotte Schnieders
Jefferson City


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