For the Record


To a considerable degree, both the Democrat and Republican parties are headed by people who are delusional.

Democrats seem particularly out of touch when it comes to relations with China and government spending.

On Monday of this week, China sentenced journalist Zhang Zhan to four years in prison. Her crime: “picking quarrels and provoking trouble.”

According to The New York Times, “For several months she shared videos that showed crowded hospitals and residents worrying about their incomes. In China, the news media is tightly controlled by the state. Some citizen journalists try to offer more independent reporting, which they post on the internet and social media platforms. But their work is often censored and they are routinely punished.”

This is the same newspaper that failed to report that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden had taken millions of dollars from the Chinese government. Other than Fox News, the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal, do you recall any major media players or Democrat officials who had anything to say about the Hunter Biden laptop that explained how Chinese officials paid out millions of dollars to the Biden family.

The thinking of these elites in the media and Democrat Party is just as wrong on government spending. The recently passed COVID-relief bill did not include any federal money for New York, California or other Democrat states that are in desperate need for a federal bailout. When Jan. 20 rolls around, Biden will do everything possible to pump money into those blue states.

Consider just the state of New York, which was in trouble long before COVID came along. In fiscal year 2018, which ran through March 30, 2019, New York revenues were down by 4.7%. Revenues were estimated to go down by even more in fiscal 2019. And then came 2020 and the disastrous economic results brought about by COVID, I don’t know where to find a realistic estimate as to how bad the revenue drop be. Whatever the final number, it’s going to be ugly. And Gov. Cuomo seems determined to make things even worse with continued shutdowns.

Democrats and the media operate as if the federal government can always print enough money to bail out state and federal governments. Printing money is an option, but the results will probably prove dreadful.

Republican leaders delude themselves into thinking they can win elections and produce better government by campaigning harder. As long as Democrats can for days on end openly and blatantly count votes, while excluding Republicans from the process, it is the Democrats who will determine government policies.

Do you think the Republican candidates have a chance to win the Jan. 5 senate races in Georgia? Didn’t the results of the Nov. 3 election show that Democrats can do whatever they need to do to win?


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