Oppose socialists at every turn


Numerous stories have appeared in the past week stating that crime has “surged” in Oklahoma following criminal justice reforms made in that state in 2017 by Republicans.

The claim about crime surging is made by publications and organizations of all political persuasions – conservative and liberal, Democrat and Republican.

You may think the measures taken in Oklahoma were reasonable and justified, or you make think just the opposite. But the fact remains they were relatively minor compared to the change suggested by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat from New York who has become one the power brokers in that party. She would abolish prisons.

Think about this. AOC and those who support her position – and there are a lot of them – would not only abolish prisons, but at the same time they would take away your right to possess and use firearms, the only suitable way you have to protect yourself and other family members from criminals.

Ocasio-Cortez simply hates prisons. “A cage is a cage,” she says. “And humans don’t belong in them.” The problem is the overwhelming majority of people in prison don’t belong in society either. Penal colonies offer an alternative, but the Socialists in charge of the Democratic Party wouldn’t go for that.

Maybe you don’t think the radicals would close most of our prisons, but I assure you they would do just that. Who would have thought 10 years ago we would have open borders? But due to the opposition of Pelosi and company, isn’t that what we’ve got?

There is a connection between open borders and opening our prisons, the radicals strongly oppose deporting criminals that are in the country illegally.

Don’t forget that Ocasio-Cortez and most of those Democrats running for president also propose spending some $93 trillion on her Green New Deal. Throw in Elizabeth Warren’s $34 trillion for Medicare for All, and you can see why many Democrats are afraid Trump is going to get reelected.

Regardless of what Trump has done or may do in the future, how could it be any worse that what Ocasio-Cortez and Warren are proposing? Many of the people I talk to are upset about the issues I mention above, about what they see going on with respect to the endless, coordinated media attacks on Trump, about the years of claims of Russian collusion and now the impeachment charges.

Three years ago voters in Osage County thought Hillary was such a poor candidate she received only 14% of the vote. Those who want to follow in her footsteps are even more frightening. We have cause for concern, but our concerns don’t consume us. The socialists and radicals that we oppose are driving themselves crazy. Don’t be like them. America is still a wonderful country. Oppose the socialists at every turn, but go on with your life.


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