Gasconade County Commission Minutes

Posted 2/28/20

Feb. 6, 2020

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Gasconade County Commission Minutes


Feb. 6, 2020

The Gasconade County Commission met with Presiding Commissioner Larry Miskel at the Owensville City Hall beginning with Pledge of Allegiance.


Commissioner Jerry Lairmore made a motion to approve prior commission minutes dated Jan. 30, 2020. Commissioner Jim Holland seconded the motion. The motion passed by vote:

Jerry Lairmore (Yes),

Jim Holland (Yes),

Larry Miskel (Yes).


Commissioner Jerry Lairmore made a motion to approve the following items: warrants for payment 114930 through 115031.

Commissioner Jim Holland seconded the motion. The motion passed by vote:

Jerry Lairmore (Yes),

Jim Holland (Yes),

Larry Miskel (Yes).


Commission met at Drake this morning with road department before coming to Owensville City Hall to convene session and reported the following discussion to Clerk Lietzow for the official minutes: employees were re‑working the gravel screen getting it ready to use more often for different size rock instead of using so much white rock; Assessor Paul Schulte had dropped off a new county road map for Debbie Thomas to review and she had some suggestions, such as adding the road numbers, not just the names and adding some of the bigger known creek names so that will be passed on to Assessor Schulte; normal road work ongoing this time of year due to weather conditions; new member to serve on health care team.

Commissioner Lairmore said the road department will use some of their equipment to help him and Kathryn Hawes, Ozark Rivers, clean up the illegal dump site on Roethemeyer road which has been scheduled for February 27 between 1 and 4 p.m.; weather conditions forced rescheduling.

Presiding Commissioner Miskel was notified by MoDOT that bridge inspections are tentatively scheduled to begin March 2 and this notice will be passed on to the road department so they can make more specific arrangements.

Road department had prepared bid specifications for the following items: herbicide spray, rebar, concrete, cutting edges and cold mix; Commission approved and Clerk Lietzow will add those to the other two submitted a couple weeks ago.


Correspondence received by Commission included notice from Ozark Rivers Solid Waste of the annual poster art contest with entries due by March 20; also a disk mailer from MREPC for EMD Dan Dyer.

Presiding Commissioner Miskel announced there will be no session next week due to Commission attendance at their mandatory three‑day training; he also mentioned that he will attend MRPC meeting this evening and had attended BTAW meeting this week and commented on what a great, well‑run organization that is with a lot of participation. Commissioner Lairmore concurred and said unfortunately, the Eastern Gasconade County watch group will only be meeting twice a year due to their inactivity.

Presiding Commissioner Miskel said he will be going to the state capitol Feb. 19 for tourism and agriculture day representing Gasconade County.

Lydia Nipper, representing University Extension Council came in to present their annual report to the Commission which focuses on the educational, nutritional and economic future of the county through the programs they offer; Clerk Lietzow mentioned she will be swearing in the new members of the council Feb. 17.

Treasurer Mike Feagan presented his monthly account balances to Commission and reviewed; General Revenue ends the first month behind one year ago by slightly over $100,000; both Road and Bridge and Union Electric fund also start out with considerably less balance. He did not have sales tax numbers yet for this second month of the year, but Owensville Mayor John Kamler commented that at their Walmart store, it was extremely busy for the last two weeks which everyone hopes shows up in sales tax collections. Owensville Parks and Recreation Director Angie Lairmore sat in on session and reported the annual fireworks event at the golf course has been scheduled for July 3 at dusk.

Clerk Lietzow said Callabyte had worked at the Courthouse on Friday, but did not yet complete the job; she had given to Commission for signatures several documents from other elected officials: Assessor Paul Schulte needed all three to sign his 2020‑21 Assessment Maintenance Plan, Recorder of Deeds Pam Greunke needed one signature on the addendum to the contract for hosting services, licenses and maintenance, Sheriff John Romanus needed one signature on an equipment lease agreement for printers in the Swiss office location, which covers all service and supplies during the length of the agreement, and lastly, Clerk Lietzow is working on the 2019 financial statement for publication in the newspapers Feb. 26 and needed their signature certifying the information to be accurate.

Commissioner Holland said he ask Joe Brazil, TREMCO representative, to directly email the Courthouse roof inspection report to both Commissioners’ Miskel and Lairmore and Clerk Lietzow’s office; while Commissioners’ received, it bounced back due to an incorrect email address for her office, so she will get it from Presiding Commissioner Miskel.

Commissioner Holland also mentioned talking with Dr. Jennifer Allen, MD who operates a direct primary care practice in Hermann and she has agreed to serve in the vacant physician’s position on the Community Mental Health Board which was long‑awaited good news, so Commissioner Lairmore will notify chairman Ron Schuenemeyer.


Commissioner Jerry Lairmore made a motion to appoint Dr. Jennifer Allen MD to the Community Mental Health Board. Commissioner Jim Holland seconded the motion. The motion passed by vote:

Jerry Lairmore (Yes),

Jim Holland (Yes),

Larry Miskel (Yes).


Commission reviews report of fees for January 2020, from Pamela R. Greunke, Circuit Clerk and Recorder of Deeds for Divisions 1, 2 and 4 in the following amounts:


Dom Viol‑$5


Rec Records Reten‑$1,861.86

Record Techn‑$343.75

Clerk fees‑$554.27

County fees‑$544.52

Incarc/medcl costs‑$97.50




Sheriff’s fees/mileage‑$349.79


Misc county fees‑$125.20

Dep. Sher. Sal. Suppl.‑$10.00

Inmate Security Fund‑$64.00

LETF municipal‑$30.00

Municipal Fines‑$3,329.50


Commission received for file monthly reports of fees collected by John Romanus, Sheriff for the month of January, 2020 in the amount of $1,514.70 civil fee fund and $330.00 DSSSF; also for the same month from Lesa Lietzow, County Clerk in the amount of $373.00 and from Shawn Schlottach, Collector in the amount of $218,744.21 plus $18,947.69 private railcar tax.


Commission approved abatements No. 2109 through No. 2112 and additions #8698 through No. 8720.


Commissioner Jim Holland made a motion to adjourn commission until Feb. 20, 2020. Commissioner Jerry Lairmore seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned.


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