Gasconade County Commission Minutes

Posted 4/9/20

April 9, 2020

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Gasconade County Commission Minutes


April 9, 2020

The Gasconade County Commission met with Presiding Commissioner Larry Miskel and Northern District Commissioner Jim Holland present at the courthouse beginning with Pledge of Allegiance. Southern District Commissioner Jerry Lairmore was not in attendance.


Presiding Commissioner Larry Miskel made a motion to approve prior commission minutes dated April 2, 2020. Commissioner Jim Holland seconded the motion. The motion passed by vote:

Jerry Lairmore (Absent),

Jim Holland (Yes),

Larry Miskel (Yes).


Presiding Commissioner Larry Miskel made a motion to approve the following items: warrants for payment 115314 through 115352. Commissioner Jim Holland seconded the motion. The motion passed by vote:

Jerry Lairmore (Absent),

Jim Holland (Yes),

Larry Miskel (Yes).


Commissioner Holland reported looking at several road issues, including Doll road; Commissioner Lairmore had decided to stay home today again, even though he is feeling okay, he doesn’t want to take any chances. He has talked with road department and told them he can be reached by telephone anytime, as the two Commissioners’ can also reach out to him anytime to take care of anything needed.

Commission opened three bids received for cutting edges and four bids received for cold mix; they will be copied for road department review and recommendation for acceptance.


Presiding Commissioner Miskel commended EMD Dan Dyer for doing a good job handling all the coronavirus issues and keeping them up‑to‑date; he also mentioned that MRPC needed a commitment today from the commission regarding the county match for the Hazard Mitigation Plan and they agreed and will notify Tammy Snodgrass.

He wanted to address a letter received from Arlie Appler, a south county resident, regarding the commissions’ rejection of support for the County Health Department’s stay-at-home order issued; in the letter, he states that it will create confusion among county residents and likely cause non‑compliance. On the flip‑side of this issue, Kurt Hellmann, an Owensville resident, encouraged the commissions’ rejection of the order; he does not feel the County Health Department has the legal authority to issue this and has overstepped their bounds. Now that Gov. Mike Parson has issued a statewide stay-at-home order, the commission has accepted and will encourage compliance. Presiding Commissioner Miskel has asked the County Health Department to release any information they could regarding the two positive test cases in Gasconade County; he understands HIPAA laws and the right to privacy, but wondered if at least knowing which part of the county they were from was possible. The health department representatives said because Gasconade County is considered so small, releasing this information could result in groups or individuals tracking down their identity or location. Everyone agrees this is a new situation to be dealing with and unfortunately, there is alot of misinformation being circulated. Presiding Commissioner Miskel said some good information coming out, is that first responders are being allowed to draw workman’s compensation if contacting the virus; also, there are federal CARE act funds being distributed through SEMA, that will reach the county to assist in funding losses directly due to the virus.

Treasurer Mike Feagan provided Commission with the monthly sales tax report, which was only slightly more promising than past months’ had been; the real question is what the results will be over these next two or three months, again due to the virus impact.

The only in‑house correspondence commission received was a request from Paul Schulte, Assessor, to have a half door installed at the hallway entrance into his office; there are two other offices on the second floor with these half doors’ and it has worked well for them. His request is based on more instances in the hallway when law enforcement has had to take action against members of the public being disruptive and more recently, with the COVID 19 virus. Commission agreed he could proceed and Assessor Schulte will pay from his Assessment Funds for this office improvement; contractor Glen Englert built the other two doors and he is currently working in the building on the courtroom remodel so he will be asked to also do this project sometime.

Last issue, Deputy Clerk Lynn Kurrelmeyer, serving in Clerk Lietzow’s absence, updated commission on the Health Care Team; the members were present, with the broker speaking via telephone, and all renewal rates were reviewed and discussed for the four health plans, vision plan and dental plan. The deadline set by MPR to choose plans is April 13, but that has been extended due to disruption in routine of all staff due to the virus; the group is considering dropping one of the copay plans and only offering one, possibly a new one. Those numbers will be gathered by the broker and sent back to the team for decision hopefully next week; then the next step will be scheduling open enrollment meetings. Commissioner Holland thanked members of the Health Care Team for all their hard work.

Presiding Commissioner Miskel wished everyone Happy Easter and Passover and meeting was adjourned.


Commission approved abatements No. 2117 through No. 2119 and additions No. 8738 through No. 8755.


Presiding Commissioner Larry Miskel made a motion to adjourn commission until April 16, 2020. Commissioner Jim Holland seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned.


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