Gasconade County Commission Minutes

Posted 7/2/20

July 2, 2020

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Gasconade County Commission Minutes


July 2, 2020

The Gasconade County Commission met at the Owensville City Hall beginning with Pledge of Allegiance.


Commissioner Jerry Lairmore made a motion to approve prior commission minutes dated June 25, 2020. Commissioner Jim Holland seconded the motion. The motion passed by vote:

Jerry Lairmore (Yes),

Jim Holland (Yes),

Larry Miskel (Yes).


Commissioner Jerry Lairmore made a motion to approve the following items: warrants for payment 115716 through 115721. Commissioner Jim Holland seconded the motion. The motion passed by vote:

Jerry Lairmore (Yes),

Jim Holland (Yes),

Larry Miskel (Yes).


Commission reported earlier discussion this morning at Drake with the road department to Clerk Lietzow for the official minutes; there wasn’t much activity there because everyone was out working on the roads and Commissioner Holland said the issues he had reported have been taken care of. He did want to talk about the award granted by MoDNR to the road department as part of the vehicle replacement program by Volkswagen Government Truck Program in the amount of $45,000. He said the 2002 International dump truck that has over 400,000 miles on it was approved for replacement, but only after all the documentation and photos are emailed to DNR within10 days. Also, the bidding process can now begin, because within 45 days, DNR must be sent a purchase order showing the purchase to be made of a new dump truck with a new dump bed; Commission also needs to be sure the budget will have sufficient funds to pay the entire cost, since this will likely be on a reimbursement basis.

Alice Wacker was at Commission session today to talk with Commission about doing something about the dust problem on Old Woollam road; she had spoken to Commissioner Laimore and he encouraged her to come to session. She and 20 other property owners most affected would like for it to be paved and wanted to know how to go about that happening. Commissioner Lairmore explained the criteria required, i.e.: right‑of‑way easement granted to the county of at least 25 ft. from centerline, traffic count completed to determine amount of traffic, safety issues. Another option the property owners have is application of a dust control product which would cost each of them approx. $500‑600 and lasts about one year; he said also he will talk to the road department about mixing in some creek gravel with the white rock, to help control the dust, which isn’t something normally done. He told her that there are other roads already in the process at different stages, with Holzschuh and Frene Creek both scheduled to be chip and sealed this year; he will get her the paperwork she needs to begin the easement granting process. Presiding Commissioner Miskel mentioned that it is critical that property owners realize the county will not own this property for the easement, only be granted permission to complete and maintain the project.

Commission opened the only bid received for the Shockley road low water slab project and it will be copied for road department review; they also received for file a consent form from Tom Farrar on Elkhead road. Another piece of correspondence was from an engineering firm asking if Commission would be interested in trading some of their accumulated BRO funds with another county in exchange for additional soft match funds; they instructed Clerk Lietzow to respond that with the current BRO project in the works, they did not want to swap out at this time.


Treasurer Mike Feagan presented his monthly account balances to Commission for their review, including his semi‑annual statement for January to June 2020; Clerk Lietzow had also given Commission a copy of all fund budgets as they stand at June 30, for both revenue and expense and they are ready for distribution to all departments and elected officials. Her only question of the Commission is whether they wanted to call a meeting of all officials at this time and they agreed to let that up to the officials.

Owensville Mayor John Kamler was present for the meeting and shared news that the announcement of the newly hired city administrator should be made public next week; he said bids were in on the new police station and were well within the bounds of what they expected. They are also working with MRPC regarding the grant process moving forward with the LSC expansion and road vacation issue. Another issue he was surprised about was that Circuit Judge Ike Lamke notified the City of Owensville that their city municipal cases would be removed from Gasconade County Associate Circuit Court and would now be handled by Osage County Associate Circuit Court While this was news to Commission, and they wanted more information they agree it wouldn’t be a bad thing for the county, since all it has done is created an enormous amount of work for the court offices with no funding attached. Commissioner Holland mentioned the fair board meeting to Mayor Kamler and he concurred that it was a good meeting and the cancellation was for the overall good of everyone; the livestock sales will continue but in a different format.

Presiding Commissioner Miskel said he has not been able to connect with the FEMA representative to find out more information about the FEMA cares funds available to the county; he also mentioned the county is now up to a total of 12 COVID‑19 cases, two of which are resolved.

Clerk Lietzow mentioned Assessor Paul Schulte has turned over the 2020 taxbook to her office for the next phase of the process, including setting the tax rates by all the political subdivisions; she also mentioned being notified by the State Tax Commission, that the county will continue receiving $3 per parcel reimbursement for half of Assessor expenses but only since the total parcel count here is under 20,000 as counties with higher parcel count, reimbursement will drop to $2.42 per parcel. She also mentioned as a reminder, the Board of Equalization will be held Monday, July 20 and there is already one appointment scheduled; Commissioner Lairmore had talked with Assessor Schulte, and he has arranged for Chris Lenauer to serve on the BOE with Commission this year.

Presiding Commissioner Miskel wished everyone a Happy July Fourth celebration and always remember, there is only one America


Commission reviews report of fees for June 2020, from Pamela R. Greunke, Circuit Clerk and Recorder of Deeds for Divisions 1, 2 and 4 in the following amounts:


Dom Viol‑$45.00


Rec Records Reten‑$2,014.15

Record Techn‑$480.00

Clerk fees‑$514.63

County fees‑$558.07

Incarc/medcl costs‑$165.00




Sheriff’s fees/mileage‑$458.61


Misc county fees‑$52.50

Dep. Sher. Sal. Suppl.‑$20.00

Inmate Security Fund‑$58.00

Municipal Fines‑$1,612.00


Bad Check Fee‑$25.00


Commission reviewed the monthly report of fees collected by Lesa Lietzow, County Clerk for the month of June 2020 in the amount of $24,650.00; also from Sheriff Mark Williams for the same month in the amounts of $320.00 DSSSFund and $1,462.35 civil fee fund.


Commission received for file from Missouri Department of Revenue the notice of revocation of sales tax license on Junk Love Boutique LLC, 311 Market St. and special event, Hermann, Missouri, due to delinquency in payment.


Commissioner Jim Holland made a motion to adjourn commission until July 9, 2020. Commissioner Jerry Lairmore seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned.


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