God will be our judge


To the Editor:

There might be more people in America living in fear now than ever. Our present administration, the one we’re stuck with for several more years, has no idea how to deal with the many problems facing our country and the world.

There is a war criminal, Putin, trying to be the number one leader in the world. He is killing innocent people and is a threat to all nations. It appears the communist leaders from Russia and China are teaming up against the free world in an attempt to try to conquer the world.

In my  opinion, the leaders, news media, and left-wing progressives align closely with communist beliefs. Our nation may never see the USA as we once knew it.

I don’t believe our ex-president, Trump, fit the mold as “presidential,” but I believe the U.S. wouldn’t be losing power and we would still be the number one power in the world, if he were still our president. I suspect that Putin would not have started a war, if Trump were still our leader.

Other nations no longer have respect for America.

I was taught and believe that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, will be our final judge.

God we need your help.

Don Kappelmann

New Haven


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