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I struck a nerve


Two weeks ago, I struck a nerve with many Democrats when I dared to judge our current President, Joe Biden, with the same yardstick they beat Donald Trump over the head with for four long years.
One of our readers went so far as to tell me that I should get my “nose out of Fox News as well as out of your own posterior region.”
Fox News is not perfect. No medium is. But where else should I turn to for news?
Maybe it should be CNN, the network where a network technical director recently admitted to Project Veritas that the network’s focus for the last four years has been to do anything to “get Trump out of office.” CNN Charles Chester claimed CNN was “creating a story” that questioned Trump’s health that “we didn’t know anything about,” calling it “propaganda.”
He also admitted that CNN has a pre-determined agenda when reporting on COVID-19 and climate change.
In journalism, you do not create a story, journalism is not propaganda and you should never begin with an agenda. A journalist reports the facts.
Then there is Covington Catholic Student Nicholas Sandmann. He successfully sued CNN and the Washington Post for, according to the suit, “falsely attacking, vilifying, and bullying him” on air as he wore a MAGA hat.
Some people trust CBS for their news. Unfortunately, they lost any credibility after their hard-hitting show 60-Minutes smeared Florida Governor Ron DeSantis last month. The show — it has been reported — may have performed an act of journalistic malpractice when they accused DeSantis of a “play for play” on vaccine distribution with Publix, a major grocery store chain in Florida, which has made campaign donations to DeSantis. They ignored all evidence that disputed their preconceived idea for the story.
DeSantis’ emergency management chief, Jared Moskowitz, said “I told them that this Publix narrative was malarkey, and they still went with it.”
If that is not enough CBS News, earlier this month on its website and Twitter page, cropped a video showing a 13-year-old boy brandishing a gun shortly before he was fatally shot by Chicago police.
NBC Nightly News has a long history of editing videos inciting racial tensions. Eight years ago, they edited a 911 call from George Zimmerman to make him look racist. Last week, after a police officer in Columbus, Ohio shot and killed a young black girl NBC Nightly News left out where the caller says a girl was “trying to stab us.” They also failed to show their viewers the knife in the assailant’s hand moments before she would have stabbed her victim.
Back in May 2020, a reporter for MSNBC, Ali Velshi, said on air, “I want to be clear on how I characterize this. This is mostly a protest. It is not generally speaking unruly but fires have been started,” as the scene behind him shows buildings burning in Minneapolis.
The “drive-by” media, as Rush Limbaugh was fond of calling them, love to downplay riots by Democrat supporters, including Antifa.
ABC News has been caught twice by Project Veritas. First, they recorded ABC’s Amy Robach revealing that she had the Jeffrey Epstine story for three years, but her bosses in the company “quashed” it. In a second strike against ABC, longtime correspondent David Wright alleged rampant Trump bias and corruption at the network, according to a story published by CNN February 2020. Ironic, isn’t it.
Maybe I should stay away from broadcast altogether and turn to the printed media like the New York Times or the Washington Post. These two national newspapers won Pulitzer Prizes for their coverage of the Trump-Russian collusion. Just one problem, there was never any evidence, as demonstrated after a two-year investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.
A report by Axios in 2019 found that over 500,000 web articles were published about this false narrative in two years. And people wonder why Trump used the words “fake news.”
Another unverified story reported as fact by the far-left media from 2020 — and falsely repeated by Biden — was debunked earlier this month.
It started last June when the New York Times, citing unnamed “intelligence officials,” reported that a “Russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing coalition forces in Afghanistan.”
The story fit great into the media’s narrative that Trump was a puppet of Russia and didn’t care about the military.
MSNBC for weeks promoted this conspiracy theory as if it was a fact. Trump’s insistence that this was a hoax was presented as a lie.
It turns out Trump was correct; the story was a lie.
I could fill pages with proven lies and propaganda from the biased media. I have not touched on the stories they have used to prop up Democrats or the stories they downplayed or refused to cover, which would hurt Democrats.
There is clear evidence that most mainstream media lie to the American public regularly to promote radical Leftist policies and candidates.
Thanks for the advice. I’ll stick with Fox News.

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