Liberal media again demonstrates bias, double standard


There are two types of people in America, those who get their news from Fox News and those who don’t.

Many who get their news from other sources believe that Fox News viewers are all right-wing, bible-thumping, white supremacists. Viewers of Fox News are under the impression that those who watch CNN are blind and uninformed liberals.

Of course, those are generalities. It’s similar to a Cardinal fan looking down on those who root for the Chicago Cubs or visa versa.

Anyway the last couple of weeks CNN — and other liberal media — has given, those of us who turn to Fox News, evidence of how they keep their viewers in the dark.

Back on March 25, Tara Reade — a former staffer for Joe Biden when he was in the Senate and a lifelong Democrat — accused Biden of sexual assault. She is accusing him of forcibly penetrating her with his fingers in 1993.

According to Business Insider, four people have stated that Reade told them about the assault shortly after it occurred. And, the Media Research Center found a video clip, supposedly of Reade’s mother, calling into “Larry King Live” back in 1993 referring to this allegation.

All of this is corroborating evidence.

This demonstrates that Reade confided in her friends and her mother shortly after the supposed incident with Biden.

In 2018, during the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford came forward and accused him of an alleged assault that took place in the 1980s.

Unlike Reade, Blasey Ford had no one who backed up her accusations.

But, according to the #MeToo movement and many Democrat leaders, all women must be believed — especially if the perpetrator is a Republican — and so Kavanaugh was subjected to thousands of hit pieces.

According to one analysis, CNN waited 24 days to cover the allegations by Reade against Biden. When it came to Blasey Ford, according to reports, CNN published close to 700 articles against Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh in the 19 days from Blasey Ford’s statement up to his confirmation. That’s a huge difference.

Between March 25 and April 30 Biden did nearly a dozen TV interviews with news anchors including NBC News’ Chuck Todd, ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, and twice with CNN’s Anderson Cooper — all of them failed to ask Biden about the sexual assault allegation.

I don’t doubt that an agreement was made between those media outlets and the Biden campaign that kept them from bringing up Reade’s allegations.

“I think it’s shocking that this much time has passed and that he is an actual nominee for president and they’re not asking the questions,” Reade told Fox News. “I guess my question is, if this were Donald Trump, would they treat it the same way? If this were Brett Kavanaugh, did they treat it the same way?” Reade said.

The answer to Reade’s question is of course no. Those media outlets are blatantly biased.

The reason Biden was not interviewed on Fox News during that time was most likely because he could not be assured that that subject would not be brought up.

Virtually all the Democrats who attacked Kavanaugh and called for an investigation have been strangely silent during this last month concerning Biden. Also silent are Biden’s potential candidates for vice-president.

Reade said. “I’ve basically had no substantive support from women’s groups that are considered liberal or Democratic. I’ve had no support from any Democratic candidate, although I’ve reached out.”

For anyone who has eyes to see this is all political. Kavanaugh was attacked because he was a conservative Republican. Everything had to be done to stop him from becoming a Supreme Court Justice, including ruining his reputation.

The lack of news coverage by the liberal media on Biden’s alleged rape is also political. Biden is a liberal Democrat and everything has to be done to protect the assumptive presidential candidate.

Last Friday — after 37 days — Biden strongly denied Reade’s allegations. Although his campaign had previously denied the rape, one has to wonder why it took Biden over a month to personally confront this scandal.


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