Listen to your own inner heart energy


In response to Denise Warden’s commentary on Democrats I have decided to try to respond with love and good intentions only.

Love, because there is just too much hate going around in this country these days. It is sad to see and the only thing I know to help resolve this divisiveness is with love and understanding.

A strong level of divisiveness is apparent the world over. In most countries you are seeing unrest, and demonstrations that seem to be getting worse with each passing month. What is happening? Why is this happening? I’m just a country girl born and raised but it seems to me that people are getting to the point where they recognize what they do not want and are seeing more clearly what they do want. 

Never before have we seen so many people that are in positions of power and control be challenged like we are seeing now. Some of you may think it is a terrible thing and where has the respect gone?

I do not see it that way. I think it is a good sign, a very healthy sign. I know some of you may think the demonstrations are so destructive. I don’t think they are nearly as destructive as an out right war. Sometimes this is the only way to finally get peoples attention.

Love is growing strong and I believe love will win. For centuries people have obeyed and listened to those in authority, whether it be in governments or in religions of all kinds. For the first time, people as a majority are beginning to listen to their own inner knowing of things. They are seeing the truth and are tired of relinquishing to power and control, instead they are looking to love and righteousness.

For instance when it comes to our earth, people are seeing it as being alive and needing to protect it now, not to continue to strip it of everything she has to give, and then feed her back poison, that is destroying her. There are more protectors of the earth on this planet now than ever before. Our young people are seeing clearly the destruction that is taking place. 

They know without a clean earth they will have no future. Unlike those in power, who still see the earth as a resource for money and care little about how quickly they are destroying her with their greed. 

As a result you have people wanting to help the earth and those who argue that climate change is just a hoax. 

Again you have love vs. fear. 

I say fear instead of hate because fear of some kind is always the underlying cause of hate.

Next big uprising I see is that people are tiring so much with the attitude of prejudice of every kind. Whether it be the color of your skin, your spiritual beliefs, where you live, how you live, how much money you have or don’t have and the list goes on. Again it is time for love, it is time to be open to others’ understandings of things. We can learn a lot from other cultures and they can learn from us as well, only if love is in there however.

It is love that makes us open minded, it is love that fills us with understanding. It is love that allows for compassion. And last, but not least, it is love that gives us strength to stand strong for matters of the heart.

Speaking of heart matters, I have to share something about a culture that was here way before we were — the Native American culture. Those that know me know how much I have come to appreciate the culture of these people. I help teach the Native American sign language at Earth’s Classroom.

The native peoples of old had over 200 different languages here in this country so they had a well established sign language. The historians, when studying their sign language, were really impressed with it except for one word and that word was “think.”

European sign language for think was two fingers at the temple. For the Native American the sign for think was two fingers swung in a circular direction over the heart and out…Wow! How’s that they thought?

Well they didn’t understand, until about 12 years ago. In physics, they learned that the heart center, an area right over the heart, was 5,000 times stronger in magnetics than our brain! 

So what does this mean? Well without going into all the science behind it I will tell you this much. Since the first time it happened at 15-years-old, and at least a dozen times since, I have had the experience of Native Americans just seeming to know me without ever having said a word to me. 

The stories are many and jaw dropping but my point is we can and should learn from this high wisdom. Even the Sioux would say that they had a practice of not talking when you first meet as words got in the way of knowing you…and again that is a big wow in my book anyway. 

What can we learn from this? How about instead of listening to so many people around you, who often are confused themselves, that you begin to listen to your own inner knowing. Pay attention to how you feel when you are around someone, put the feelers out. What is your hunch on things. How about we begin to learn from the people we labelled as “savages” years ago.

Listen to your own inner heart energy. If you do, you will learn to connect to people the world over, you will learn to connect to the earth itself, you will get this strong feel, not judgements, of who people really are.

I believe all people are good inside, but this does not mean that some are not afraid and full of insecurities which often makes them react out of fear instead of an inner knowing. This is when bad things start to happen because fear itself leads us to do and say very destructive things about people, beliefs, and even outright deny things that have been proven to be true…all because we listen more to fears than our own inner knowing.

So often in this society our fears are related to money. It seems that becomes our Number One issue. Sure money is important but the question is how important is it? Does money come before everything else or does love and respect come before everything else? I chose love because of how I have learned to see things in this life.

I will end this with a short story of something that happened three years ago at the Crazy Horse Monument. My husband and I were there and they announced that the Apaches were going to dance in the pavilion. So we hurried in only to find hundreds of people already in there.

Russell is tall so he could see over the crowd but I couldn’t so I went over to the side and squeezed in next to the speakers. The Apaches had already begun to dance. There were seven of them and they all had their costumes on which consisted of four spikes with feathers coming up from atop their heads, and black masks over their faces with slits for the eyes and four black feathers attached to the mask on their face at the level of their mouths.

They had paint on their bodies and a type of grass skirt. They were already dancing in a circle as another Apache drummer explained the spiritual dance that it was. I wasn’t standing there but just a couple of minutes when one of the dancers slowly made his way towards me and stood standing in a gently rhythm right in front of me.

He was only about 18 inches from my face and I could see the dark of his eyes. I looked into his eyes and said “Hi,” very wise of course, but he gently bowed to me and backed away without turning his back to me and resumed his dance with the others. We stood there and watched and not once did another Indian do anything like this.

Again, like what has happened in the past, he somehow knew me. He knew my heart, he knew I help his people, he knew I was good. I knew he was good too and a beautiful connection was made.

So instead of all the hate, all the lies, and all the denials, lets learn from these people that we nearly destroyed. Let’s try to get to the point of an inner knowing, and when we do I know that we will see clearly the rights and the wrongs of what is happening these days, and I believe we will choose love and the world will begin to change together. This I believe is our destiny.

I hope you have a good day.


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