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Loss of credibility


On Monday of this week, The New York Times made the following statement: “Every day, Times reporters will chronicle and debunk false and misleading information that is going viral online.”

I’m sure they make every effort to “debunk” both false and true information that would put in a positive light something President Donald Trump did or said. They had three years to debunk the false accusations about Russian Collusion. Instead of debunking the lies, they added to them. They certainly weren’t concerned about the truth at that time.

Did the Times try to bring out the truth about the Hunter Biden laptop?

The Times was certainly not concerned about the truth when a neighboring newspaper, the New York Post, was censored by Twitter, which would not allow the Post to disseminate its Hunter Biden laptop story on Twitter.

The Times and most other members of the media have destroyed their credibility. The same is true for Big Tech. Most Republicans would never believe anything they said. Democrats currently want to believe these folks, because they are saying what the Democrats want to hear. But I doubt if Democrats really have faith in these clowns. A liar is a liar.

In 1951, President Harry Truman sent hundreds of thousands of American soldiers to Korea to stop the invasion of South Korea by North Korean and Chinese troops. In those days almost all Americans knew Communism was bad. Our media told us so. Our government leaders told us so. Our church and educational leaders told us so. We could see it with out own eyes.

Russia in 1956 was ruthless in putting down dissidents in Hungary. Hungarian refugees were settled in our neighborhood in Jefferson City. Everyone in Jefferson City in the 1950s knew the Russians and Chinese were the bad guys. We had a ringside seat on the evils of Communism.

Today our media is silent when Black Lives Matter and Antifa — groups that are admittedly Marxist and Communist — work for Joe Biden and the Democrats. And they expect us to respect their views? And they expect us to believe their claims that there was no misconduct in the November election? Do they also expect us to believe there was no Korean War?

Do they expect us to believe the Russians didn’t move into Budapest in 1956 and the Chinese Communists are not at the present time putting their boots on the necks of residents of Hong Kong, with the blessings of the NBA of course?

The most famous dissident in history is the late Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn of Russia. In 1973 Solzhenitsyn published the Gulag Archipelago, a three-volume, 1,800-page story of life under Communism in Russia between 1918 and 1956.

Time magazine called this the most important non-fiction book of the 20th Century. The elitists running much of the country today have forgotten the lessons of Gulag and are proposing for us the same system that Russia and China follow.

Solzhenitsyn was born 102 years ago this week — Dec. 11, 1918. On the 100th anniversary of his birth, The New York Times ran a story about him under the headline “The Writer Who Destroyed an Empire.” The story opens by stating: “When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, pundits offered a variety of reasons: economic, political, military. Few thought to add a fourth, more elusive cause: the regime’s total loss of credibility.”

Doesn’t it boggle the mind when our nation’s most influential newspaper can focus on the danger of a “total loss of credibility”? Where is the credibility in our media, in many of our corporate board rooms, in most of our major universities, in our big tech companies, in most of Hollywood and professional sports, and among all the leaders of the Democratic Party?


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