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Dear Editor,


Reading on page one in the December 30, 2020 Fatima’s Gay-Straight Alliance Chapter Finds Success. I want to make hopeful a fair-minded comment. Forgive me if I don’t. Is being a lesbian or a homosexual normal? Disagreement about this should be accepted by all, and hopefully all, will follow the will of their God, and lead a good, spiritual normal life.
Any fault, all faults can be overcome if we first admit to ourselves that we have this fault, and with their God, who will give us the grace, to overcome our faults and confusion, if we act on this wonderful help!
Being, or I should have said, having lesiban or homosexual tendencies is not sinful. It is when we act on the tendencies that these tendencies become sinful in the eyes of our God who wants us to do His will here on earth and be united with other people who have done so.
I ask all people to first, Pray for me, I need it. Pray for all people alive, and our friends in Purgatory. Pray reparation for all sins committed by all of us. Also, say prayers for all good our loving God does for all of us. Thank you!
Jackie Luebbert
Westphalia Hills


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