Praying on the 50-yard line ruled a constitutional right


The U.S. Supreme Court last week ruled that an assistant high school football coach from the state of Washington had the constitutional right to pray on the 50-yard line after high school football games.

I would like to see you read as much about this case as you care to. The pertinent facts I want you to consider are these. The coach had been praying in this manner for some time. The school district was in no way supportive of the coach’s actions. In fact, the coach was terminated by the district expressly for praying.

Our Democrat, radical left wing and pro-Chinese Communist folks in the media, government and academia went on a rampage. In their view the Supreme Court was turning the country over to Christians.

Once again, let me emphasize what the court approved — in a 6-3 vote the court allowed an individual to say a prayer in the middle of a football field after a game.

Let’s take a look at what is happening a few miles down the road from our nation’s capital, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Wikipedia describes UNC as a public research university and goes on to call it the “flagship of the University of North Carolina system. It is considered a Public Ivy, or a public institution which offers an academic experience similar to that of an Ivy League university.” 

The folks who rampaged against the court’s football coach decision are totally OK with what his going on at Chapel Hill and has been going on there for years. To explain what is taking place, it’s necessary to go back to the last century, when the same type of people who railed against the football coach, were attacking the Bible. These folks had most of the country convinced that the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were “anonymous.” That’s the word they used. And what they meant was that the original documents did not have authors. This is all just a lie. We’ve come to expect that from the Democrats. 

The man who did the most to expose this travesty is Brant Pitre, a Catholic Bible scholar who received his doctorate at Notre Dame. Pitre has written a number of books, but none better than “The Case for Jesus,” in which he explains how a professor from UNC has perpetrated the lies that are convincing our young people to question the Bible and their Christian faith.

Pitre explains how Dr. Bart Ehrman, the UNC professor, in a recent book, promoted the “anonymous Gospels” fraud. In the book Ehrman makes four claims about the anonymity of the Gospels.    

First, Pitre says, Ehrman claims all four Gospels were originally published without any titles. Second, all four supposedly circulated without any titles for almost a century. Third, it was only much later — sometime after the disciples of Jesus were dead and buried — that the titles were finally added to the manuscripts. Fourth, “and perhaps most significant of all, according to this theory, because the Gospels were originally unanimous, it is reasonable to conclude that none of them was actually written by an eyewitness.”

The genius of Pitre’s book is how he uses scholars of other faiths to support his arguments. For example, he shows how Simon Gathercole, a Baptist New Testament scholar, has demonstrated that the earliest Greek manuscripts are unanimous in attributing these books to the apostles and their companions. According to Gathercole, no anonymous gospels exist. Ehrman is not just wrong, he’s totally wrong. That’s no accident. Ehrman is a liar. 

How is it constitutional for North Carolina taxpaying Christians to be forced to pay the salary of a professor that is openly lying about their religion? I do not know that Ehrman is a Democrat, but he sure talks and acts like one.

Lying is what Democrats do best. One of their most brazen lies is that Putin is responsible for high energy prices. High energy prices are the fault of one man and one man alone, Joe Biden. We all knew that if our country put the brakes on energy production the result would be higher energy prices and roaring inflation. Both have happened.

We also know that high energy prices and roaring inflation will lead to worldwide hunger. We’re just beginning to confront that reality. It will happen, just as sure as energy prices and inflation have set records. When millions of people around the globe go hungry, the Democrats will try to blame Vladimir Putin, but we know the culprit is Joe Biden, don’t we?


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