Reality half-defined


I want to commend the GCDC for the first half of their “ Defining Reality” letter on April 1, I think it was something that everyone agrees with.

However the second half was the usual Democrat attack on President Trump, almost like an attempt to use this crisis to someway help defeat President Trump in November. Putting the other things aside I think we should concentrate on the current crisis. It’s too early to benefit from hindsight so we have to consider what we knew, when we knew it, how we handled similar events in the past and how the experts wanted to handle it without political interference.

First let me state my position. I believe that it is a regional problem and is best handled on a regional basis. Nationwide restrictions are counterproductive and not necessary. The Federal Government’s job is trifold:

First: To assist the affected regions with what they need and can’t obtain on their own. Viruses do not honor state lines so the Federal Resources have to be involved.

Second: To do everything possible to keep it from spreading and becoming a national problem.

Third: to keep the virus from continuing to enter this country.

The best way to judge Trump’s performance is to compare it to past actions especially the 2009 H1N1 virus timelime:

April 2009: First victim identified.

June 2009: WHO declared a pandemic; CDC and NHI start working on problem.

October 2009: Obama declares national emergency.

Made worse by lack of vaccine in early stages…12,469 deaths in USA (CDC).

Trump’s timeline doesn’t look that bad compared to past history.


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