To the Publisher:

I agree with your premise that everyone is a person who should be treated with respect. I strongly disagree that it is only “liberals” who are being intolerant.

Just a few examples of Republican intolerance begin with Mr. Trump urging his followers at a campaign event to punch a protester in the nose and he would pay for their lawyer. 

Remember the man who ran over people protesting white supremacy and killed a woman. And just today, Mr. Trump told four American Democratic congresswomen elected by their constituents to “go back where they came from.” There is so much name-calling inspired by the President.

But instead of both of us enumerating grievances, I want to challenge everyone everyday to stop the HATE speech. Everyone should recall what they were taught by their parents, their grandparents, their preacher, their teachers. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…Love your neighbor as yourself…What would Jesus do?

I challenge everyone to present their political views with facts and logic and not name-calling or threats. Make calls for positive action to support your beliefs, not hate-filled condemnation of persons with different views or tasteless jokes about violence toward dissenters.

Try everyday to disagree with a position, not personally attack a person. For example, I argue that Senator Hawley does not care about the health of Missourians he has not supported or proposed any plan for affordable health care; I will not say Senator Hawley is a “@#%&*.”

I argue that Mr. Trump lacks humanity because he allows mistreatment of immigrants when he could hire more immigration judges immediately, not Donald Trump is a “@#%&*.”

It will be hard to slow the negative speech and we will not always succeed. We must work at not reposting or repeating mean or hateful comments because they are funny. Let us try to bring some civility to our speech, our writings and our communication on social media.

“Civility is not a tactic or a sentiment. It is the determined choice of trust over cynicism, of community over chaos.” — George W. Bush.

Publishers Note: President Donald Trump tweeted July 15: “We will never be a Socialist or Communist Country. IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY HERE, YOU CAN LEAVE! It is your choice, and your choice alone. This is about love for America. Certain people HATE our Country....” 


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