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History and racism


To the Editor:

I am tired of the Democrats blaming me and all other Caucasian people for the residual racism that unfortunately exists in some persons in some parts of this country. I am not ashamed about being born “white” and don’t feel that I have any “privilege” not accorded to any other educated and capable person of any race. I worked my way through college and in my career I have hired black people and have worked for a black person.

Hundreds of thousands of Caucasians lost their lives in a bloody civil war that resulted in an end to slavery in the United States. However, slavery still exists in some parts of the world and “white slavery” exists even in this country The term “white” is used but it happens to all races. Fighting this should be a priority.

After the war, the problem became how to assimilate the freed slaves into the free economy. One solution was to send them back to Africa. It had two problems: first was the vast number, second was where to send them. In most of Africa they would face poverty and probably slavery worse than they had on the plantation.

Another solution was “forty acres and a mule,” as stated by General Sherman in Field Order No. 15. This would have resulted in massive land redistribution with large plantations being broken up. This was successfully implemented for a while until Democrat President Johnson rescinded the order. Many of the uneducated slaves were swindled out of their land by Democrat politicians.

After Lincoln’s assassination, the Democrat President Andrew Johnson instituted a program of amnesty to the confederate government and military officials and these Democrats dominated state offices and they defied Republican efforts at reconstruction. This endured for at least 75 years and they were responsible for the anti-black laws that still existed until the Republicans passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964. This also accounts for all the confederate monuments found throughout the south. 

Racism will eventually die out if not stimulated and emboldened by violent and lawless demonstrations. Promoting Black racism, rioting and hatred for whites will only promote a backlash.

Our goal as promoted by Dr. Martin Luther King is a colorblind society.

August Hoernschemeyer

Owensville, Mo.


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