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Subtle signs of bias turning the voter against Trump


Many personalities in broadcast media do not pretend to hide their feelings of disdain — and downright hatred — for President Donald Trump, his policies or his family. 

CNN’s Don Lemon has called Trump a “bigot, racist.” His repulsion of Trump supporters is also evident when he claimed that Trump voters “must suffer from cognitive dissonance.”

Last Friday HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher labeled Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Amy Coney Barrett — a working mother with seven children — a “f___ing nut.” He didn’t stop there. Maher also tore into Barrett, on his show, for being Catholic (and by inference, all Catholics). 

These examples of bias are simple to point out and easy for anyone to comprehend. 

The media also uses more subtle forms of bias to turn the public against Trump and his family. During Barack Obama’s eight-year tenure, Michelle Obama graced a total of 12 magazine covers.

Since becoming First Lady Mrs. Trump has not appeared on any magazine covers.

This bias does not stop with the lack of magazine covers when compared to Mrs. Obama.

Earlier this month, Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris was given praise for wearing Timberland boots while touring the destruction in California from this year’s wildfires.

One headline proclaimed “Kamala Harris may have made Timberland boots cool again.”

Melania wore Timberland boots during a visit to our troops in December 2018. The headline for her was “Melania Trump gets mocked for wearing Timberland boots while visiting the troops.”

USA Today’s treatment was just as obvious.  “Timbs and Converse? Kamala Harris sports boots after wearing Chuck Taylor All-Stars.” Their headline for Melania was “Work boots and white jeans? Melania Trump’s outfits still missing the mark.”

These kinds of headlines — along with the stories — are done to put a positive spin on Democrats while at the same time putting down anyone who is Republican.

Women For Trump co-founder Amy Kremer said, “It’s no wonder the American people don’t trust the media. I know this isn’t really about the boots. But the boots show the extreme #mediabias. The media will go to any length to push their own agenda. This is disgusting. As I said in an earlier tweet, it’s no wonder Americans don’t trust them.”

It’s ironic but when I typed in the phrase “subtle signs of bias against Trump” in Google the top ten results included:

• How Donald Trump Could Build an Autocracy in the U.S.

• 10 Ways Trump Is Becoming a Dictator

• Trump’s Racism: An Oral History

• Trump is everything the right says it hates about the left

These results had nothing to do with my query.

A study from Harvard found that in the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency the negative coverage in some outlets was 98 percent. It has not stopped.

Bias in the media also shows up in what is not covered. When media outlets are not bashing Trump or trying to sway you with subliminal messages they simply ignore or downplay Trump’s accomplishments.

Trump just presided over the signing of two historic deals between Israel and two Gulf nations — the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain — normalizing relations for the first time. For this Trump was nominated for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize.

This was downplayed in the liberal media.

NBC News: Andrea Mitchell insisted that the Abraham Accords don’t amount to “Middle East peace.”

CNN: They preferred to point out the health risks of the White House event to commemorate the accords, slamming Trump for the “large crowd” with little or no social distancing.

Also, last week, the Senate issued a report on Hunter Biden which, among other damaging evidence, revealed that an investment firm co-founded by Hunter Biden ‘received $3.5 million in a wire transfer’ from the wife of a former Moscow mayor.

CNN, along with all three nightly news programs on ABC, CBS and NBC completely ignored the subject.

Over the weekend the New York Times published a story about a woman who drove her car into a group injuring “two people during a demonstration for racial justice in California.” They forgot to mention that the demonstrators were Trump supporters and the driver was a member of the ‘Caravan for Justice,’ which organized the Black Lives Matter protest. 

Pay attention America. You’re being played.

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