The current state of the Republican party


Dear Editor,

I would like to just make a few comments about the state of today’s political situation and the Republican party.

All of them are indeed verified facts, not fake news by classical definition.   

Anthony Scaramucci, a long-time Trump ally said just Monday, Aug. 12th, that it might be time to “cut bait and move on. The rhetoric is so charged and divisive. He (President Trump) is giving people a license to hate.”

Chris Wallace recently stated to Steven Miller on Fox news,  “You are fanning the flames of racism.”   

Donald Trump ran his campaign with two overtly racist lies. The first was President Obama’s supposed Briticism, which he dismissed with a 29 second news conference, without one follow up question about why he lied for five years. Yes, President Trump, I “Don’t believe all the things that your investigators found in Hawaii.”

Please tell us! I would like to know.

The second is the language about Latino immigrants, sending us the worst.  We hear language that Hitler used such as “animals” and “infestation.” 

The fact of the matter is that first generation immigrants have a 49 percent lower incidence of violent crime than us more well-adjusted Americans. And right now, white, often self-claimed “Christian” terror attacks are the biggest threat that we face. I also understand, that the investigative branch of the FBI is severely underfunded.

And by the way, what happened to that caravan of 20,000 immigrants that were coming up to “invade the United States” right after last fall’s election?

Haven’t heard anything about them since the election, nor that middle class tax cut that he promised. Both seemed to disappear as soon as the election was over.

Trump’s attacks on the “The Squad,” four women of color in the House, with “send them back” rhetoric was found to be racist by 65 percent, and un American by 59 percent of those polled. Those comments also resulted in a slight uptick in approval in Trumps declining base.

I suppose one can draw any conclusion that they want about the current state of the Republican party.

I will note that Retired Admiral William McRaven of Seal Team Six has stated that President Trump’s attacks upon the media constitutes “Perhaps the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime.”

Retired Four Star General Barry McCaffrey has stated that President Trump “Was under the sway of Vladimir Putin, and that this was a threat to the security of the United States.”

It is true that all of us tend to pick our sources, but I will state that I personally have a much higher degree of respect for these two gentlemen, who have both been there, done that, and their patriotism and integrity, than I do for cadet bone spurs.

All of these are incontrovertible facts, which I would expect President Trump to call fake news. Given his record on telling the truth, I would consider that to be a compliment.

I was raised in, but no longer reside, in Osage County. I fully realize that these facts will not be well received by the majority of the citizens of such. I will again only state again that everything that I said is the truth. The truth may offend some, but it is the truth.   


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