The greatest coup on earth


The fire has always been there, it is why our founders argued so much and fought so hard to prevent its eruption.

It didn’t start in 2016. We are witnessing the culmination of the coup bringing the fiery death of our Republic and the birth of a Democratic Tyranny. The flames of this new coup became a fire on Dec. 19, 1998.

On that day a Republican-controlled House voted on Impeachment articles for President Clinton. The votes on the three charges show there was clear partisan division. Yet, several Republicans voted against the charges and several Democrats voted for the charges. The country had not yet succumbed to the current political atmosphere we suffer today.

The impeachment of Clinton forever altered the course of the media and politics in America. The Cold War was over, and America needed a villain. The small Mid-East skirmishes and victories were all too brief.

America needed a villain that we could sink our teeth into at the dawning of the new Millennium. On a beautiful morning Sept. 11, 2001, cowards shattered America forever, killing 2,977 humans that day and hundreds of more years later, as they succumb to the complications of their injuries. We were resolved as a nation to go after the cowards responsible and on Oct. 7, 2001 U.S. Forces set foot on Afghan soil. The fire of the coup was still burning but the fire of revenge needed to be quenched first. We had our enemy, the Taliban and the ghost Osama bin Laden and the media and politicians had their villain. Unfortunately, that was short-lived and on March 20, 2003, U.S. Forces breached the border between Iraq and Kuwait.

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Journalists are unable to discriminate between a bicycle accident and the collapse of civilization.”

The media of the new millennium was destined to prove that as attack after attack was made on the President and the Iraq war. As battles raged in Afghanistan and Iraq new fronts opened on the war at home. The President responded to these attacks with vitriolic attacks of his own establishing a changed relationship between the office of President and the media. The media chose sides and obliterated the integrity that we once called journalism. This did not end when President Bush left the office and has grown more divisive and stories are rampant with errors and falsehoods. Accountability is nowhere to be seen and falsehoods are shoved under the 1st Amendment cowardly seeking protection of falsehoods and errors.

(On) Nov. 9, 2016, a reality TV star won the vote to become the President of the United States. His challenger Hillary Clinton had warned during the debates her challenger the reality TV star Donald Trump would not accept the results if she won the election. She was not saying Trump would not accept the result, she was unveiling her plan to the public at that moment. She and the Democratic party were not going to accept the election. The process of impeachment started before the election was even over.

On Dec. 10, 2019, the Speaker of the House announced the House would vote on two articles of impeachment of President Trump. While each Democrat spoke at the podium on this “somber” occasion their colleagues smiled and laughed behind them. If Americans needed a visual of high treason the Democrats did not disappoint. Yes, this impeachment hearing is a coup and the voting shows the true partisan divide as the media highlights it, further dividing the nation. This coup is nothing to the greatest coup on Earth.

While the American public has been absorbed in their new-found boogeymen and cold wars; they missed the coup that the impeachment of President Trump solidifies. After cowards attacked our country the government decided in the name of “Safety and Security” Americans could forego their rights without due process. They even enshrined the removal of right in a law named the Patriot Act to garner support from the public.

As Americans willingly lost their rights corporations gained more.

Fredrick Douglas in a speech before the American Anti-Slavery Society said, “We, the people” not we, the white people…not we, the citizens, or legal voters; not we, the privileged class and excluding all other classes but we the people — not we, the horses and cattle but we, the people…the men and women, the human inhabitants of the United States…”

Now corporations are declared to possess the same rights of the human citizen inhabitants of this nation. Where is the redress and recourse that an American citizen is supposed to possess over their government?

Lost to the bureaucratic nightmare. A nightmare that has destroyed the statesman who governed and replaced them with a ruling class. A class divided to give the appearance of freedom yet, sufficiently entrenched to maintain control. Americans acquiesced to the rise of this Democratic Tyranny even helping by elevating the office of President to a pseudo monarchy that presides at the will of the donors. During the cold war, we as a nation were against the party loyalty we see now because that’s what the Soviets did. Now party loyalty for either Democrats or Republicans is becoming a requirement to have any semblance of redress to the American citizen.

The Greatest Coup on Earth has been perpetrated by Democrats and Republicans. Unfortunately, the average American citizen and the Constitution are just collateral damage. Freedom and the American way have become enslaved and shackled.


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