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Truth and reality


To the Editor:
The Democratic party recently criticized Mr. Warden’s well written article about voter ID and it’s importance in reducing voter fraud. There is a lot of evidence that there was voter fraud in the last election, the only question is: Was it enough to alter the election? We will probably never know.
We do know that the China Virus disrupted our normal voting procedures, voting rules were changed, and opened up a lot of opportunity for fraud to enter and alter the election. The virus gave Biden an emotional issue that allowed him to duck the real issues and probably won the election for him. The China virus will morph into a common disease much like the common flu and not the crisis it was last year. These extraordinary election procedures should be eliminated and elections returned to normalcy.
The norm should be: one identified citizen, one voting place, one secret vote counted once. Of course verified exceptions to voting place should be made for good reasons, not just convenience.
Fraud has been in voting system for many years, best known are Chicago under Mayor Daley, New York under Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall, Kansas City under Pendergast. By the way, all Democrats
Fraud enters the voting system in many ways from dead people voting, stuffing ballot boxes, buying votes, to the much more productive method of machine counting ballots multiple times, we’ve seen videos of this. Voting laws must be aimed at eliminating these in national and local elections. The recent Coronavirus Relief payments could be seen as an effort to buy votes.
The Democrats complain about “gerrymandering,” which by the way was named after a Democrat, and forget that there is “good” gerrymandering. The voting rights act of 1964 specified that congressional districts be set up in such a way that black voters be in a majority in districts in proportion to their percentage of total population. This required a lot of gerrymandering.
August Hoernschemeyer
Owensville, Mo.


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