Waffling on the value of human life


I cringe when the media gives the impression all women are for abortion.

I believe abortion is killing a baby. There are many men and women who agree. When people say a woman should be able to do anything with her body, that’s pretty harsh.

Would you say that to anyone you loved or cared about?

The baby a woman carries is not part of her body.

I am amazed and hopeful many states are trying to pass laws to make abortion against the law in their state. In this day and age there are few real reasons for abortion.

If you can afford an abortion you can afford birth control pills. 

If you’ve been raped go to the hospital and be cared for. Make a police report. There are so many couples who can’t have children. 

It’s very sad. In this day and age there just aren’t that many children to adopt. If you’re for infant safety, pray for laws against abortion.

This is only part of the picture. Our society is waffling on the value of human life.

In 1973 Roe versus Wade was passed. We now have Washington, D.C., and five states with laws allowing assisted death.

By January 2020 three more states will pass laws allowing euthanasia. We’ve been told our greatest medical cost will be in our last six months of life. 

When will society decide we are expendable?


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