What is going on with J6?


We should all be troubled with the findings of the J6 investigation.   The tapes speak for themselves.  We now know that Ex-President Trump not only planned the attempted coup, he approved the mob having weapons, and wanted to be there personally.  Mrs. Cassidy Hutchinson deserves much credit, and she is not the only one, for her willingness to come forward with the truth.  Many of the witnesses were from within the White House, virtually all of them were, and still claim to be Trump supporters.  In the end, democracy demands the truth and accountability.  The Rule of Law demands such, at all levels.  

I am struck that Donald Trump is losing support of his political far-right media messaging machine. The WSJ and NY Post, both owned by Ruppert Murdock, have now questioned many of Mr. Trumps actions, and it seems to be peculating even down to Fox news. Cracks in the dam, are becoming apparent.  More and more people are coming forward.  This additional information comes forward certainly delays the ability of the J6 committee to wrap up its work.  If the Republicans should retake the House, all of this will end, and almost certainly re-open Benghazi or Hillary’s e-mails.  

The work of the DOJ will not come to an end until AG Merrick Garland is satisfied.  We now know that Mike Pence’s Chief of Staff, Mark Short has testified to the DOJs Grand Jury, and that is considered very significant.  It appears that Merrick Garland is further along than most of us appreciated.  Unlike Bill Barr, he is functioning as the United States, not the Presidents personal attorney as Mr. Barr did.  

I cannot understand how Steve Bannon cannot mount a defense, but now wants to appeal.  He could face as little as one year in prison if the charges run concurrently, Given the nature of his charges, I feel that is totally inappropriate.  The sentencing guidelines for white collar crime tend to be much more lenient than for street crime.  But then, what economic class of people make the rules?   

The missing Secret Service texts remind me of the 16 minute “Rosemary Woods Stretch” of the Nixon administration.  I am also reminded of Ex-President Trump taking unauthorized materials to Mar-A-Lago, against the law, or even his personally eating of notes that were supposed to be preserved.  I suppose that it is possible that Mr. Trump needed a bit more fiber in his diet.  Mr. Trump needs to step up and explain this bizarre behavior.  The American people deserve the truth and have a right to know. 


Frank J Thomeczek








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