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Wheels falling off


In my column from Nov. 4, I stated I felt the wheels were falling off for Biden and that Trump would win.
I wrote: On the Sunday before the presidential election in 1980, Jimmy Carter’s pollster told him the wheels had fallen off their campaign wagon and that Ronald Reagan was going to win by a large margin. Two days later that proved to be a good call and Carter became a one-term president. I think something similar has happened in this year’s presidential race. As I write this column on the day before the election, I feel the wheels are falling off for Biden.
I truly believe Trump received a strong majority of the legally-cast votes. There was enormous misconduct in tallying the vote. How can anyone justify counting votes behind closed doors without GOP watchers or without watchers being given an opportunity for meaningful observation.
I am even more convinced that the wheels have fallen off for Biden. Among fair-minded people, who is the bad guy, Donald Trump, who was impeached with no facts, or Joe Biden, who without a doubt has taken millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party? And this is what we know more than 30 days before inauguration. The facts keep trickling out. I doubt that Democrats are comfortable with the way Eric Swalwell’s case is being handled, especially by Nancy Pelosi.
What is not inconceivable is the way the elitists have operated and are continuing to operate.
What is inconceivable is that the FBI, Department of Justice and U.S. Supreme Court have done nothing.


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