Where do we go from here?


After the SCOTUS hearings of Judge Ketanji Brown, I wondered what Senator Josh Hawley felt that the appropriate sentencing guidelines for sedition should be.  I was told that Senator Hawley’s fist raising was not sedition because it was in reference to Pennsylvania.  The staffer was partially correct in that Merrick Garland, who is functioning as the country’s AG and not a personal lawyer for the POTUS, is still investigating the matter.  However, the staffer “forgot” to mention that the election counting has been to court 60 times, and even Ex-President Trumps own handpicked lawyers turned him down.

Representative Marjory Taylor Green’s hearings went as expected, with many “I do no recall” statements.   But that seems to be part of the GOP playbook these days.  Recall that Ex-President Trump used that answer over 30 times during the Mueller investigation.   It appears to me to be selective amnesia.  

Ex-President Trump is now being fined $10K a day for failure to turn over documents in New York. That would work out to $3.65 million annually.  But Ex-President Trumps can probably get the RNC to bail him out on that, just like some of his lawyers fees from over five years ago.  Ex-President Trump is not known for paying his bills.  What is Ex-President Trump hiding?  He cannot claim that he is waiting for them be cleared by audit, and in truth that never has been a valid excuse.  The courts have an obligation to do their job in regard to Ex-President Trump’s tax returns and determine if there was any fraud.  Nobody should not be above the law, if we want a democracy.  

The recent release of Representative Kevin McCarthy’s texts is of great interest, largely because of his denials on tape.  It is rather difficult to deny something when it is on tape, but that certainly won’t keep Representative McCarthy from trying.  The American people deserve the truth, on this and many other matters.  

I agree that we all have an obligation to educate ourselves, and in today’s society, that means searching for the truth.  I have great concerns about Elon Musk buying Twitter, just like Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post.  The Epoch Times is a Trump friendly newspaper, owned by a Chinese man.  I invite all to web-search out it’s origins.   As for Tucker Carlson, it is well documented that Putin loves him.  That tells me all that I need to know.  

I strongly feel that the public was better served when evening news was not an entertainment and money-making venture.    That is meant to be a bi-partisan statement. 



Frank J. Thomeczek



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