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Insurrection on the midway


To the Editor:

The spectacle of an assault at the Capitol by followers of Donald Trump was a surreal mix of gross ineptitude by the Capitol police force and a wilding mob of the delusional. 

Spurred to action by a President desperate to maintain power so he can keep at bay creditors, prosecutors, and the personal truth about himself, this lawless bunch shook the underpinnings of our democracy with their holiday from reality.  A person can’t be sure if they are incredibly gullible, stupid, or willfully ignorant, but this isn’t the time to parse the differences…these people are a danger to our nation.

While attempting a seditious coup on our government, we all witnessed fellows rappelling up to the balcony levels of the Capitol’s walkway…when there were stairs right there for them to use. Once inside they took selfies, and posed for their friends while seated at the chair of the Presiding Officer of the Senate and at the desk of the House Majority Leader. It was simultaneously a frightening attack on what has been the bastion of democracy for the world and…a carnival.

Never seeming to mind that people died during their activities this crowd was too busy playing at patriotism and getting street cred to care about something as mundane as actual consequences. Fantasy, discontent and a ready willingness to ignore reason fueled this ragtag army of the right, and unscrupulous politicians have lined up to inherit their leadership.  

Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz (among others) see themselves as Presidential timber, and what could be handier than a ready-to-go base of blind loyalists?  

These vultures turned in their integrity for political advancement quite a while ago and now that Donald Trump’s days are numbered it’s obvious why they did so. The crowd that gathered on the Capitol and their support system still flying Trump flags are nothing if not pliable and reliable for their handlers.

After all, as every good ol’ boy knows, “there’s one thing you just can’t fix.”

Shame on you. And double shame on you for trying to skip out on your deeds by pretending they were really done by ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter. What genius thought that might really fly?

Gasconade County Democrats Club


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